Mark your calendars for April 5! Join an exclusive group of talented innovators at the inaugural Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon, where we aim to foster the spirit of the Olympics within the Bitcoin Defi & Ordinals Movement. Our goal is to build a sustainable Bitcoin economy, and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey!

At the Bitcoin Olympics, you'll have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Bitcoin wishlist startup ideas and cutting-edge Bitcoin tech. Within a mere 2 weeks, you'll accomplish what would usually take months or even years to achieve. This is your chance to connect with likeminded founders and builders, exchange valuable ideas, and cultivate a transformative mindset. Together, we will craft groundbreaking and useful technologies that expand the horizons of Bitcoin.

Join Us at the Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon!

We extend a warm welcome to all ambitious individuals ready to embrace the beginner's mindset, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and engage in thoughtful discussions and innovations on Bitcoin. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a passionate newcomer, the Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon is the perfect platform to explore the endless possibilities of Bitcoin.

Ready to take on the challenge?

Register now and reserve your spot at the Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon. Be a part of shaping the future of the Bitcoin economy!

Bitcoin Olympics
Hackathon Rundown
Feb 24 - Apr 11
Feb 24 - Apr 11
Registration Period
  • Signup
  • Learn newest tech for creating BTC Defi & Ordinals products!
  • Learn about Bitcoin unicorn ideas that need to be built before the 2024 Bitcoin Halving
  • Meet other believers in the sustainable Bitcoin economy
  • Compete in teams to win Cash/Token Prizes!
  • Get into the lottery for a chance to win a 30 minute 1 on 1 session with startup & fund raising mentors
Apr 5 (TBC)
Apr 5 (TBC)
Day 1 - Kickoff
  • Orientation
  • Bitcoin Olympic Timeline
  • Rules, prizes, judging criteria
  • Online networking
Apr 6 (8am ... PST)
Apr 6 (8am ... PST)
Day 2 - Masterclasses: What can now be built on Bitcoin
Bitcoin Defi (What should be built before the next Bitcoin halving?)
  • Albert Liang & Trevor Owens - Bitcoin Defi & Infrastructure Day
  • Muneeb Ali - Building on Bitcoin L1, Stacks, and beyond
  • Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar - Building on Bitcoin, Rootstock, and more
  • Alex Miller - Wallets, BTC, Ordinals and more
  • Abdel Harraz - BTC DLC apis for Defi
  • Philip De Smedt - Stable coins, lending, STX, BTC
  • Zach - Building on Lightning & Nostr
  • Jordhy Ledesma- Innovations in Advertising, BTC Ordinals STX
  • Tycho Onnasch- Zest and Magic Bridge Protocol
  • Hank Stoever- BNS, Defi, and other innovations
  • John Light - Building Defi on Sovryn
  • Edan Yago - Building on Sovryn
  • ...
  • Online Networking
Apr 7 (8am ... PST)
Apr 7 (8am ... PST)
Day 3 - Masterclasses: What can now be built on Bitcoin
Ordinals (Speakers/mentors share insights, use cases & tech tools)
  • Albert Liang & Trevor Owens - Ordinals & Bitcoin Innovation Day
  • Ken Liao - Wallet APIs, Ordinals and Bitcoin Innovations
  • Post Capone - Ordinals 223 and other use cases
  • Leonidas.og - What's next with Ordinals?
  • Patrick Stanley - Ordinals, News & Media innovations
  • Psifour - What needs to be built for Bitcoin and Ordinals mass adoption
  • Far - Ordinals innovations for creators
  • John Ennis - Artificial intelligence and Bitcoin innovations
  • Jamil Dhahani - Ordinals, collections, and marketplace innovations
  • Anatoly Kozlov - Bitcoin and Gaming frontier
  • ...
  • Online Networking
Apr 8 (9am ... PST)
Apr 8 (9am ... PST)
Day 4 - Masterclasses: Team formation & how to turn your project into a startup
  • Albert Liang - CEO of BTC Startup Lab
  • Trevor Owens - Managing Partner of Bitcoin Frontier Fund
  • Tom Giles - Managing Partner of Megatron Ventures
  • Jonathan Sadlowe - General Partner at Gossamer Capital
  • ....
Apr 9 (10am ... PST)
Apr 9 (10am ... PST)
Day 5 - Masterclasses: Building something that matters & rapid idea validation

  • Trevor Owens
  • Albert Liang
Apr 10
Apr 10
Start Building!
  • Team formation last call
  • Build your innovative BTC product
  • Mentor office hours all week!
Apr 10 (8am ... PST)
Apr 10 (8am ... PST)
Day 6 - Masterclasses: Bitcoin Defi API's dev tools and multiple tech stacks
  • Albert Liang and Trevor Owens - Cross pollination creates new innovations on Bitcoin
  • Mark Hendrickson - Crash course on Hiro wallet APIs for BTC, Ordinals
  • Zach - Crash course on Lightning dev and LN Swap APIs
  • Emil Erkkola - Crash course on Magic Protocol API, Bitcoin atomic swaps
  • Jordhy Ledesma - Crash course on AdFi protocol
  • John Ennis - Crash course on Artificial intelligence dev tools
  • Hank Stoever - Crash course on BNS tech
  • Sergio Demian Lerner - Crash course on Rootstock special features
  • Alejandro Cavellero - Crash course on Rootstock dev tech
  • ...
  • Online Networking

Apr 11 (8am ... PST)
Apr 11 (8am ... PST)
Day 7 - Masterclasses: Ordinals API's, Tools, and Tech Stack
  • Albert Liang and Trevor Owens - Oridinals tooling and tech stack innovations
  • Post Capone - Crash course on Ordinals dev environment and tools
  • Philip De Smedt - Crash course on getting started with money market idea with Clarity
  • Leonidas.og - Crash course on Ordinals dev framework and dev tools
  • Abdel Harraz - Crash course on BTC taproot DLC APIs
  • Patrick Stanley / Jason - Crash course on Ordinal bots and social media
  • Psifour - Crash course on developing with Ordinals and Bitcoin
  • John Ennis - Crash course on Artificial intelligence and Bitcoin innovations
  • Anton - Crash course on making a Web3 game in a matter of hours with Unity on Bitcoin
  • ...
  • Online Networking
Apr 16 (5pm PST)
Apr 16 (5pm PST)
Last day to turn in your code and pitch video
Apr 17 - 18
Apr 17 - 18
Judges review videos and code
Apr 19
Apr 19
Announce winners
  • On Ordinals Show - Twitter Spaces
Apr 20
Apr 20
Post Bitcoin olympics launch pad
  • What's next to help you turn your project into a Startup?
Mentors, Judges & Speakers
  • Albert Liang
    CEO & Co-founder of BTC Startup Lab
  • Trevor Owens
    Managing partner of Stacks Ventures, author, investor
  • Muneeb Ali
    CEO of Trust Machines, Founder of Stacks
  • Tycho Onnasch
    Managing Partner of Trust Machines, co-founder of Zest Protocol, Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Jamil Dhanani

    CEO of Gamma, Ordinals movement leader
  • Grace Ng
    Venture Partner at Stacks Accelerator, founder of Crashpunks, artist
  • Emil E.
    CTO of Zest Protocol, BTC Defi innovator
  • John Ennis
    CEO of NeoSwap, NFT and AI trading & auctions
  • Ken Liao
    CEO of Xverse, BTC, STX, and Ordinals mobile wallet
  • Tom Giles
    Founder of Megatron Ventures, co-founder of Awesimo & Stacculents.
  • Dylan Floyd
    Ceo & co-founder of Bitflow, BTC DEX
  • Abdel Harraz
    CEO & co-founder of Deeplake, BTC Defi & Ordinals API platform
  • Jordhy Ledesma
    CEO & founder of Bitfari, AdFi & Ordinals innovator
  • Peter Giammanco
    CTO of Liquidium, Defi & Ordinals Innovator
Prize & Sponsor Pool
(Sponsors transfer prizes directly to winners. Organizers do not handle prizes!)

Platinum Sponsors
More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!
Gold Sponsors
$3,000 - $10,000
(Sponsors transfer prizes directly to winners. Organizers do not handle prizes!)
STX & BTC Developer Tools
Stacks Foundation
Bitcoin scaling layer
Bitcoin scaling layer
Lightning Taro (TBC)
Bitcoin scaling layer
P2P Blockchain-based Advertising
Design and build protocols on Bitcoin
Silver Sponsors
$500 - $3,000
(Sponsors transfer prizes directly to winners. Organizers do not handle prizes!)
Defi Lending
Bitcoin wallet
NFT & Ordinals Market
Strata Labs
Dev Services
More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!
Bronze Sponsors
$500 - $3,000
(Sponsors transfer prizes directly to winners. Organizers do not handle prizes!)
More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!
Gold Sponsors
$3,000 - $10,000
(Sponsors transfer prizes directly to winners. Organizers do not handle prizes!)
Bitcoin Bandits - $25,000
Hiro - $4000
Stacks Foundation - $3000
Arkadiko - $500 in STX
Gamma - .02BTC
Setzeus - 2x $250
100 days of Clarity course
Fast Admission to BTC Bootcamp
Lighting Labs (TBC)
Rootstock (TBC)
More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!
More Coming Soon!
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